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Latin American Databases
Americas Program, Interhemispheric Resource Center, http://www.americaspolicy.org
The US-Mexico border program of the Interhemispheric Resource Center, http://www.irc-online.org, formerly known as BIOS (Border Information and Outreach Service). The new site includes all back issues of Borderlines and other BIOS data as well as current coverage of border issues. This site has one of the most comprehensive directories of organizations working on trade, environment, human rights, indigenous peoples, migration, labor and other US-Mexico border issues.

Bilingual English-Spanish Library & Information Science Dictionary,
Compiled by Tony Lozano, University of Granada, Spain, this database contains more than 60,000 bilingual entries for library science and information technology. More than just translations, many entries are fully explained. Also contains the IFLA glossary. Email contact: [alozano@ugr.es]

Brazil: SciELO--Scientific Electronic Library Online,
Fulltext scholarly journals published in Brazil in many subject areas. Sponsored by FAPESP and BIREME. One purpose of the project is to use the internet to increase the visibility of scientific research in Brazil. Email contact: [scielo@bireme.br].

Brazilian Government Document Digitization Project,
A project of the Latin American Microfilm Project (LAMP) at the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), this site provides access to full text and images of reports from different government entities from 1821-1993. This is an example of digitization for preservation of rare historical materials.

COLNODO Bases de Datos,
Access to several databases created by Colombian NGOs. Some topics include ecology, sustainable development, conflict resolution, women, etc. COLNODO provides internet access to many NGOs in Colombia.

Costa Rica: Bibliographic Meta-Database,
Combined bibliographic references of several NGO information centers in Costa Rica. A search provides bibliographic records and information on how to contact the information center to obtain a copy of the item. As of May 2001, the database contains over 200,000 bibliographic records with the participation of 38 information centers. Project supported by Fundacion Acceso

Costa Rica: CEIBA,
Database of more than 1200 Central American NGOs; a project of the Fundacion Arias, http://www.arias.or.cr/ para la paz y el progreso humano. Contact: info@arias.or.cr.

Ethnologue: Languages of the World,
Compiler: Summer Institute of Linguistics. Contact: www@sil.org. Includes excellent data on American indigenous languages. Ethnologue provides detailed information on 6,700 world languages. The electronic version of the LLA is searchable by country or language name and provides details on hundreds of languages including numbers of speakers, geographic distribution, levels of bilingualism among speakers, etc.

Fourth World Documentation Project: Indigenous Peoples Information for the Online Community, http://www.cwis.org/fwdp.html
A collection of documents from nations and organizations around the world relating to indigenous peoples organized by the Center for World Indigenous Studies (CWIS). The archive contains documents on Fourth World nations in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, Melanesia and the Pacific. It is a unique archive of primary source documents--treaties, tribal government information, etc. See http://www.cwis.org/americas.html for documents from North, South and Central America. The project page indicates that it has not been updated since 1997.

Handbook of Latin American Studies-HLAS,
HLAS is produced by the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress and is provided FREE OF CHARGE to web users worldwide. Together with subscription resources such as HAPI, LADB, InfoLatinoamerica and others, it is one of the most important tools for scholarly research on Latin America. It provides abstracts and complete bibliographic information for published materials from and about Latin America on a wide range of topics in the humanities and social sciences and covers more than 60 years of scholarly literature in Latin American studies.



UNESBIB (UNESCO bibliographic database). Records of UNESCO documents/publications, its Regional Offices and Affiliated Institutes, and of the Library collection from 1972 onwards.

UNESBIB online

ˇ        UNESCO documents/publications for the last 90 days

ˇ        Library acquisitions for the last 90 days

ˇ        Library acquisitions (pdf file) : online monthly

ˇ        UNESCO Periodical articles


UNESDOC (UNESCO documents in full text)

UNESTHES (UNESCO Thesaurus). Trilingual terminology used in indexing and searching the UNESCO database.

UNESCO Thesaurus : online version ;    print version
UNESCO Thesaurus on CD-ROM


Reference and information services;
Online searches on UNESBIB, Internet and a selection of CD-ROMs.





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